Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mid-Winter's Night Dream...

It felt like time for a little story... I wrote this one in two quick sittings and I'm too tired to proof it. Hopefully it serves to entertain.


*     *     *     *     *

She shivered on the bed... naked from the waist down, bottom served up over a pillow, the summer breeze lightly grazing her skin.

She could feel the goose bumps rising on her skin from the soft chill of the night air.

Somewhere in the neighborhood she could here dance music, the bass line floating through the air further than the melody line would carry. She could here talking and laughter, and she hoped than no one would be taking a stroll down this way once things got started.

After waiting long enough that her nervousness had turned into impatience, she heard him walk down the hall to the bedroom. Suddenly her heart was in her throat and her breath was quick and shallow.

He said nothing, and she could hear him shuffling in the drawers behind her, choosing his tools.

He laid some objects on the bed and she could hear him undoing his belt. She clenched her bottom involuntarily and heard him softly chuckle. She blushed at his response, knowing that he had been watching her.

She bit her lip and closed her eyes, mortified at her embarrassment even though this was far from the first time he had seen her like this.

"Ow!" she shouted, awakened from her thoughts at a surprise slap to her right cheek.

"That was nothing," he teased, "when I'm done you'll be sitting on ice."

She clenched her bottom again, this time feeling a pulse between her legs at his threat. He chuckled again and slapped her other cheek.

"I think you need another pillow," he told her, lifting her waist as he slid another waist. "There, much better. I want to make sure your sit crease is good and attended to..."

"Maybe we should do something else," she whispered, "watch a movie, maybe?"

"Is that what you really want...?"  He waited for her responce.

Silence filled the air between them. She always hated this part. Didn't he know she was nurvous? Couldn't he just laugh it off and get started already?

"Well...?" He pushed her.

"No..." she whimpered, embarrassed again.

"No, what?" He demanded.

"No, sssir." she squeaked out, barely audible from the pillow her face was resting on.


"Ohh!" She gasped.

"You will count your spankings and after each one I want you to ask me for another."

"But when will you stop..." she asked, "how will you know..." she trailed off.

"I will know, my Dear."

He slid the belt across her skin, teasing her and telling her what was coming. Then, after a few moments of tension, she felt it lift away.

"You will count and say 'another please Sir' " he instructed her.

The first slap across her bottom came without delay, making her gasp and hiss. "One," she growled through clenched teeth, annoyed that he hadn't started with a warm-up, "another please Sir."

The second slap came just as fast and fell across her sit line, causing her to rise up and kick in responce. "Two!" she howled, "anOTHER Pleassse Sssir." she hissed at the sting.

Slap after slap fell across her bare bottom until she was sure that her cheeks has swollen to twice their normal size. Twice as large, but three times as sensitive.

"Fifteen," she whimpered, tears in the corners of her eyes, "another please sir..."

"That's enough," he announced.

She sighed at the news, relaxing her muscles against the pillows. 

"Time for your hand spanking," he continued, "come crawl over here across my lap." He sat on the edge of the bed and waited.

Slowly, achingly she climbed off her pillows and made her way to his lap. Winching at the movement of her legs stretching the skin of her bottom to her upper thigh as she crawled. Settling across his lap she prepared for more pain.

He gently stroked her bottom, causing her bottom to tingle and itch. She wiggled at he touch and he playfully swatted her bottom. "Ohhh," she moaned.

"You're a naughty girl, you know that?"

She nodded her head.

"Its a good thing you have me to set you straight..." he caressed her bottom, causing her to wiggle against him again, "...and with such a naughty bottom. I have to keep your cheeks nice and warm so that you don't get into too much trouble."

He spanked her bottom, cupping her cheek and holding in the heat. She gasped and flung her head back at the sting. He then slapped the other cheek, cupping her the same way. She was grinding he hips in protest to his attacks. Teasing her lips she sighed and spread her legs to him.

"Ah, ah, ah," he corrected her, "not yet. You haven't received your full punishment."

She whined in protest but grew to shouts as her bottom was roughly warmed by his ever constant hand. He watched her bottom bounce below the strength of each slap and delighted in her kicks of protest. At one point she put her hand back to protect her sore, reddened bottom and he quickly grabbed it and held it out of the way.

She kicked and yelled, rocking her body across his lap. But he was relentless. He fell into a stride of slaps from cheek to cheek and sit spot to thigh. She cried out and tried to cover her cheeks with her hand, but he grabbed her wrist and continued on without missing a beat.

Finally she howled and straightened her legs in a body long muscle clench. He took the opportunity to aim his attention on her sit spot and her screams went up a knotch.

"Please, Please PLEEAASE!" She shouted.

"Yes?" He answered her calmly, "was there something you wanted?"

"Please Sir, I can't take any more!!!"

"Are you sure?" he egged her on, laying on a few heartfelt slaps before dipping his lands to tease the sweet lips between her legs.

"MMhhhggmmm" she moaned.

"Well, well, well... someone is very naughty."

He teased her for a bit, causing her to swell in other places. Then without warning, lifted her to her feet and pointed her toward the corner. She pouted at him lovingly, but he slapped her bottom in warning.

Standing in the corner she decided that the evening breeze wasn't that bad after all...

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Long Over-due

Hello Again!... I know it's been forever... sometimes I do that.
So, to make up for it I have a juicy little update...

Yesterday was the first Session Jay and I had had in... well... probably since my last update about it. After a few years of off-and-on spankings, I've decided that it is not a "Life Style" kind of activity. I think it's very helpful for stress management (and even more helpful for "sexy times") but not really essential the way I imagined it being when we first started.

However, that being said, things have been STRESSFUL... for MONTHS now. And after getting a little short with each other, and having thought about it for a couple weeks before that, I finally asked for a session.

It was perfect. We joked, he got some good whacks in, things got hot and heavy... and we both had a wonderful finish.

I have to say, we are both pretty disappointed that my bottom doesn't hold color very much. I get a nice pink blush, but that's really it. It could be that we've gotten away from tools, and mostly rely on hand spankings, but I would love to know how to get a nice red glow for him.

Maybe a hand paddle? Like a ping-pong paddle? I saw a video once that used one, and it looked like it created some nice color... Hmmm...

Anyway, yes, wonderful afternoon.

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Adventure

She stood nervously outside the door of the apartment. Looking down at the crumpled up advertisement in her hand, she contemplated walking back to her car. You can do this, she told herself, just try something new. You can always say no.

With renewed confidence, she knocked at the unknown door. She bit her lip as she listened to the approaching footsteps. No turning back now, she mused.

The door swung open, revealing a beautiful leggy blonde in tall boots and a short skirt. She immediately regretted her decision. "I'm sorry, I was looking for..." she trailed off as she tried to think of what to say.

The girl smiled at her. "You're in the right place," she assured her. Stepping back to allow her to enter, she nervously stepped through the door. "I'm May," she said, introducing herself, "what may I call you?"

Her mind raced, should I give her my real name, she wondered. Thinking quickly of her favorite literary character she blurted, "Alice. I'm Alice."

"Nice to meet you," the girl turned on her heel and began walking down the hallway. Alice followed behind her nervously wondering what awaited her in this strange adventure. Entering a small den, just off of the main entrance, May directed her to a seat.

Alice wrung her hands nervously. "Are you...?" She tried to find a way to word it.

"The Master here? No." She smiled. "I am the first line of approval for his selections."

"Does he have many?" Alice's eyes grew wide.

"Not really, no. He usually keeps no more than three at one time. His last one just moved out of state to get married, so it would be only you... at least for a little while."

"Does he ever do it in groups?" Alice probed.

"We are getting ahead of ourselves now," May said with a stern tone, "let's see if you qualify first." Grabbing a clipboard she started the questioning process. She asked about her education, her home life, any interests and goals she might have in her life. Then the questions began to become more and more personal. She asked about lingerie preference, how often she took showers, and about her sex life. Then the big question came, "what brought you here today?"

Alice bit her lip for a minute, "I... umm...," she shifted in her chair. "I would like to learn to control my emotions."

"How so?" May pressed.

"When I'm angry," she said, "or hurt over something..."

"How do you act?"

"I yell... sometimes... and I say snotty things to people around me." Alice looked at the floor.

"I see," May said, rising from her seat, "wait here."

Sitting alone in the small study, Alice suddenly felt stupid. Thisis so ridiculous, I don't even know these people. she was ready to grab her things and walk out when May returned. She had her follow her into a good-sized bedroom, where she set her things in a chair in the corner.

"Take off your pants and stand in the corner with your hands on your head, he will be with you shortly." May turned to leave.

"I don't get to meet him first?"

"No," May didn't even look back as she closed the door.

Alice slipped off her shoes and jeans, leaving on her knee-high socks for warmth. She went to the furthest corner in the room from the doorway and waited. Within no more than 2 minutes of her taking her place, she heard the door open. Stifling her desire to glance over her shoulder, she waited.

After a few heart beats she heard him move to the dresser and make his way to her. Feeling him almost upon her, she was surprised when a dark cloth fell across her eyes. She made a startled shout as it was secured behind her head. Reaching to the back of her head to undo it, she heard his voice.

"Take it off if you want to leave." His tone was matter of fact. He was not threatening and he was not unkind, the choice was hers. She hesitated, hands at her ears. "Very good," he said. Then taking her by the hand, he turned her around and lead her to the foot of the bed. Sitting her down, he sat beside her. "I spoke with May about the issues you are hoping to resolve. I think that this method may work for you. I assume that you know what we are going to do?"

Alice licked her lips and nodded.

"I need you to tell me. Say it out loud, so that I know that you understand."

Alice took a deep breath, "you are going to spank me," she whispered.

"Yes, that is correct. And when will the spanking be over?"

"When you decide... " she said with a breathy tone.

"That is right," he confirmed. "And should I decide to take down your panties?" He questioned further.

Alice licked her lips, she could feel her body warm and wet at his suggestion. She opeed her mouth to respond...

"What will you tell me?" He prodded her.

"Yes, Sir." She said quietly.

And with that he pulled her across his lap, adjusting her until her bottom was pointed as high as possible. He rubbed his hand across her plump bottom, caressing her cotton panties and cupping her cheeks. Suddenly, he dipped his hand between her legs and stroked her opening. Even though the cotton he could feel she was wet, and she let out a surprised squeak and shuttered at his touch.

"You are a very naughty girl," he told her, teasing her with the tips of his fingers. "You're turned on, aren't you?"

She said nothing, moaning softly at his touch. Smacking her ass suddenly with a full-strength spank, he asked her again, "aren't you?"

"Yes Sir!" She shouted.

"And do you think you deserve a reward?" He asked her.

"No, Sir"

"And if I say so?"

"...yes Sir?" She questioned.

"Yes!" *Spank* "Sir!" He responded, slapping down hard on her bottom several more times.

"Yes Sir!" She agreed, writhing over his lap.

"Very good," he said, standing her up, "panties down." She bit her lip. "Now!" He said, "and off with your shirt as well. You may keep your bra on."

Doing as he asked, she discarded her items onto the floor. Reaching up to her eyes, he caught her arm, "leave that on." He sat her on the bed and told her to lay back, then he spread her legs and blew softly across her opening. She moaned in response.

Touching her softly along her slit, she clenched her hands on the bed cover and arched her back. Biting her lip, she struggled to keep still beneath his touch. He cupped her pussy, leaving it there for a moment, trapping in the heat. He rubbed his hand back and forth lightly, moving from her butt toward her stomach and back again.

She could feel her heat building and she wiggled her hips, willing him to do more. Then he stopped rubbing. He let his hand rest over her, and she sighed in frustration. "Who is in charge here?" He asked her.

"You are... Sir" she squeaked out.

Then the first slap began. It wasn't hard, but the sensation was new. Again and again he slapped her pussy with his hand, building in speed and strength until she wiggled her hips to escape his touch. "Lie still," he demanded, continuing his assault. She struggled to keep still, moaning and squeaking at his slaps.

She could feel the warmth begin to grow between her legs. She started whispering, "no, no, no, no..."

"You will not say no to me," he insisted, "Yes Sir" he corrected her. She shook her head, struggling against it. "Yes Sir!" He repeated with authority. She bit her lip.

Flipping her over, he began wailing on her bottom. Focusing each blow on her sit spot, he bounced from cheek to cheek. She cried out beneath his heavy hand and he repeated to her "yes Sir!" She kicked and yelled, wiggling and bucking but he never let up.

Finally, she blurted it out, "yes, Sir."


"Yes Sir!" She shouted.

"Again!" He commanded, "again and again until you mean it."

"Yes Sir!" She wailed, "yes Sir, yes Sir, yes Sir!" She chanted, yelping at every spank. "Yes Sssir!" She hissed as he spanked her sit spot over and over. "Yes Sir," she cried btween gritted teeth. "Yes Sir," she moaned as the spanking continued.

Finally, when her kicking had died down he flipped her over again. "Shall I spank your pussy?" He asked her, tracing the rim of her sore bottom with his finger. She shuttered.

"Yes sir," she responded with her jaw clenched tight. He ran his fingers over her slit, dipping inside to rub her clit.

"Do you like that?"

"Yes, Sir" she moaned.

He continued playing with her until her breath quickened. Then he cupped her opening and softly rubbed back and forth. She sighed in frustration. "Do you like when I tease you? When I don't let you finish?"

"Yes Sir," she whimpered.

"Good," he said, massaging her thigh close enough that her lips rubbed together over her clit. She arched her back and moaned, then he started spanking her pussy again. He spanked soft and rhythmic, speeding but never building in intensity. She wiggled and thrust her hips, breathing heavily. "What do you say?" He coaxed her.

"Yes Sir, yes yes yes, please Sir!" She sang.

Feeling her close to climax, he stopped. Kissing her swollen lips softly, he sent her to the corner. "I'll see you the day after tomorrow," he told her, "no relieving yourself before then. And I want you to keep a diary of all your misbehaviors. Bring it with you then."

Alice stood in the corner and pouted. She wanted so badly to touch herself and relieve her aching. But she stood in the corner, hands on her head, in only her bra, socks and blindfold.

... To be continued.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Overwhelmed and Overdue

Tuesday is our new "session day". It's the only day that we can plan for on a weekly basis, so that's the day.

We had a session on Friday before I left...but we still would be over a week out before another one would be possible.

This past week I have been dealing with a lot of frustrations... traveling with family can be wearisome and I hit my limit sooner than I should have. I took it out on him because I was fed up... To be fair, I only implied that he could be being an idiot. And I did apologize after we both calmed down... I know, it doesn't change anything. Semantics don't override tone.

So I've been dreading this coming Tuesday since that little escapade... I haven't actually had a "punishment" since we restarted, but I'm not excited about it.


But to be honest... in the last 48 hours, I've made a bit of a discovery. And I think that a weekly routine may not be enough for me to start things off. I'm not so sure that my bottom is "smart" enough to remember its lesson over the length of 7 days...

What I've come to realize is that I'm a bit of a temperamental bitch with an attitude problem. I'm not sure how I got so far out of line, but it came to my awareness very recently... and although I can now "see" the problem, it is not as easy to change these habits.

I actually think it would be more beneficial to have a schedule more like this:

Weekdays are the only "plausible" times we can schedule, weekends are too unpredictable...

But let's be fair, I'm only saying this would be "best". Never in a million years would it be possible. But I do wish it was, I think I could use the attention...


Here's to that...

Friday, August 1, 2014

A New Chapter

My oh my, where to begin?!

It's been several months (much longer than intended) but I am happy to report that I am back on the scene and with a blushing bum to boot! Its been a terribly busy summer, with several long-term house guests, and coming off of a crazy year of studies, performances, weddings, and the like... I just needed some down time.

Tomorrow I'm about to take a trip up north and I'm looking forward to the slower pace of things for a little bit. There are several things that I have been doing or preparing to do, and although it's difficult for me to walk away mid-project, it will be good for me.

So... where do I start??

Let's dig right in with the good stuff!  =D

Today is (or was, as it is now past midnight) our 3-Year Anniversary!!!

Kind of amazing that we have gotten this far, but here we are. We have talk about wedding plans, but as it sits we're both too broke and busy to do much else than dream for the moment.

To be honest, things have been a bit rocky lately and I wasn't sure how much we'd be "celebrating", let alone talking... it's more from my end than his (yeah, yeah, big surprise), but I finally sat down and thought about things and came to a very different realization than I expected. And when I realized what I saw going on, I wrote him a letter and sent it to his email for him to process. What was lacking in our relationship, you ask? Respect.

Now this is a new topic for us... funny, given how powerful that word relates to the BDSM world... but it is. In the past we've had complications about sharing how we feel, showing love in the right ways, making time for one another. But more recently I started to feel a real resentment for him building, and that's when I realized what was going on: I was reacting to what I perceived as disrespect or lack of consideration, by brushing him off with rudeness, silence and disrespect.

So I told him what I thought... how I felt, and what I thought might help: Weekly Sessions.

Now I know that planned out sessions haven't exactly "worked" for us for one reason or another, but we DO have the scheduling down for once and we BOTH agreed that this would help with our current problem.

So... today... I received the First of our (long-overdue) Spanking Sessions!

(Image found on "google search"...)


Boy did he ever listen to me!

After our first discussion I sent him a "spanking guide" complete with a breakdown of how each tool we have feels when used, my recommendations on when to use each implement (as warm-up, for punishment, etc.), and other areas he had control over (wardrobe, length of session, positions)... after all, its been a while.

And honestly, after realizing what I did... I really felt like I deserved a full-out, red bottomed crying session.

Things didn't get that far today...

After all, it was our anniversary... and our first time back in the saddle. But I'm hopeful that we'll get there eventually. Lord knows I deserve it.

However, he did pay attention to my requests and much of our session looked a bit like this:

(Image found on Pinterest)

But it was more at THIS angle...

(Image found on Pinterest)

And it Ended even better...

 (Image from: www.sexypositions.net)

And  Sir got some sexy time too....  ;)

It was a wonderful afternoon together.